Quem Sou Eu

oi, prazer (: aqui vai um pedacinho de mim.


We are always moving. Always transforming. Like in the road, we dont walk backwards. We are evolving. I belive that all the places that walked through made me who I am, as well, all the experiences and the people that I met in the middle of this journey. I am in a constant walk, and in this meanwhile I keep stuff inside. I have this thing of making drawings. Pictures and videos were not enough anymore. When I am drawing I can be tottaly concentrated in the moment, observing each detail even if its just a sketch. I can add thoughts, and explain feelings, that normally I am the only one that understand. It makes me know myself better. Everyday.
And the road goes own.

October 29th, 2018

Atacama Desert _ 2016
better everyday _ 02.04.2018
heart of flowers _ 12.05.2018